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Do you need a representative?

Successful companies are always very competent in the markets that they currently serve. For example, a Chinese company would never need a representative to describe how to do business in China!

But what about new markets? Or, what about new vendors / new products in current markets?

Success in new markets can be accelerated by using the services of a guide. This "representative service" can be in two forms:
(1) Guidance in the home market when dealing with a new vendor from the United States, or
(2) Guidance in the United States market as market share is built.

In the home market, guidance is often in the form of working with, and evaluating English language documents in order to determine nuance and detail. Sometimes a new vendor will phrase a response to a RFQ question in such a way as to indicate acceptance, but really mean "no". Or, negotiations may be conducted in English, and it is important to clearly hear the real meaning of a response, or to correctly interpret the body language in a North American manner.

In the United States market, the same issues are present. A representative can help a new market entrant quickly understand the process required to get a new product accepted into US carrier networks.

In both cases, Trillium Wood Partners can help you be successful in overcoming language, culture, and time zone barriers to success! Call or email today.

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