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Why China Bridge / Viet Nam Bridge?
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After many trips to China and Asia, and after many presentations to US-based senior executives, I came to the realization that the real barrier to trans-Pacific business success is not the distance, not the language, and certainly not the culture.  It simply is the time zone!

Each business entity exists in its own time and place.  Place can be easily changed:  just get the daily flight and fly from Chicago to Shanghai.

What cannot be changed is the fact that high noon in Shanghai is midnight in the US (or close to midnight, depending on daylight savings time).  If your Chinese customer has a brilliant idea in the afternoon in Nanjing, it may be two days (or longer) before it can be considered at that "nine in the morning" daily staff meeting and the response returned to Nanjing, even at the speed of email.

Or, consider a Vietnamese company that wants to enter the US market with an improved telecom product.  Unless the sales and marketing team in Vietnam are willing to work 24 hours a day, it is very difficult to conduct business from Ha' Noi, contacting prospects in California or Texas.

The value of China Bridge by Trillium Wood Partners is clear: we serve as your representative at either end of the bridge. Whether in Asia or the US, your interests are served by us.

Once businesses are established, and subsidiaries created, the time zone barrier can be reduced (but it never goes away).

However, going from thinking about a trans-Pacific expansion to actually being successful in Asia or in the US is a complex, difficult journey. How will your company manage this critical trip through time and space?
Trillium Wood Partners can help in the transition from national to multi-national.  Call us today.

Need an independent view on building bridges to China? Click here for information on the North Carolina Chinese Business Association.

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